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Commercial & Home Cleaning Solutions

H2O2 Health Solutions

We Only Use Two Ingredients in Our Products:

Natural Spring Water & Certified Pure H2O2!

We are the only company using this formulation for Cleaning and Purifying.

* Breathe Easier
* Make our Planet Healthier
* Support your Body's Health

All in One Simple Product, H2O2 Health Solutions!

  Our Products are for everyday use  throughout  your home and your life accomplishing the task of cleaning  everything you touch including soft surfaces.
There is never a need for you to calculate dilution rates or worry about the effectiveness of the product.  Our Chemists and Lab Technicians have crafted products that meet your specific needs.
Always Made to Order and Always Fresh!

Why do we only use Certified Pure H2O2?

H2O2 is being used in the food industry for processing,  and cleaning. For this reason, industry, laboratories and government agencies have set a standard and an inspection/testing protocol for H2O2 before it can be certified, used and marketed as being specifically food grade or Certified Pure H2O2.

Specifically, Certified Pure H2O2 means that it is certified to meet government standards and industry standards for use with food. As a result, this is an assurance that it does not have contaminants, toxins, cancer causing additives, toxic heavy metals or other harmful ingredients.

H2O2 Health Solutions only uses Certified Pure H2O2 in all of its products.


100% Natural, 100% Pure

Bathroom Tiles | H2O2 Bathroom Cleaner


Health Begins Here with Certified Pure H2O2

Our H2O2 Products are safe and carcinogenic free.    Our products will also clean cutting boards, counter tops, cooking utensils, knives as well as anything that is used in the kitchen safely, without chemicals.  In the Bathroom, our cleaners are used to clean all surfaces including toilets, counter tops, showers, tubs and even your grooming equipment. Our product will wash and clean pet toys, crates, kennels, litter boxes. You can also clean  kid's lunch boxes and water bottles.

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline | H2O2 Laundry Products


FREE of Carcinogens and Toxins

Our Laundry products are Carcinogen and Toxin Free. They contain no perfumes, soaps, stabilizers or chemicals of any kind. We combine water and oxygen to create H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). Our products will clean and brighten clothes better than chlorine bleach products without the carcinogens and toxins bleach produces. Our products can be used safely with all types of washing machines and are safe for your septic system and the Environment.

Underwater Dive

Pool and Spa

FREE of Bromine and Chlorine

Our Pool and Spa products use the power of Oxygen to purify the water.  You will never need to use Chlorine or Bromine again. The water will smell fresher, all grime will be removed, filters will stay cleaner all without harmful chemicals.  Your Pool and Spa will be healthful with no carcinogens.

Two Clay Cups


It has always been our focus to assure current and future generations a safe and sound environment.  Never has the earth been so assaulted as it is today.  Never has our own personal health been in such jeopardy.  We live in an environment of toxic chemicals, greenhouse gases, dioxins and proven carcinogens. We cannot sustain this assault on our bodies and on our planet. We understand that no one company can simply make this go away, but we feel that we do our small part in, at the very least, keeping you and your family healthy and chemical free with our products.

Man Holding Newborn

"How we treat our bodies will determine how our bodies treat us. How we treat our environment will determine how our future generations think of Us!"

Jill Patterson, Founder  

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