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Questions & Answers

Focused on Wellness

H2O2 Health Solutions is a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative approach to providing safe and toxin free products that will leave you healthier and at the same time leaving our planet in a better place.  See what H2O2 Health Solutions has to offer you.

Q: Can I consume your product?

A: We do not recommend the direct consumption of our Product.  

Q. Are there any harmful chemicals?

A: NO, our products are totally safe and NEVER have any harmful chemicals. It is 100% natural and pure.

Q: Do you need to add detergents to your laundry along with your product?

A: NO, our Laundry Liquid will do it all. Should you wish to use a free and clear detergent we recommend using our product as Brightener and Color Enhancer in your breach dispenser. (see instruction on the container) Should you like to add scent to your laundry, we recommend using a few drops of pure plant extracts for that purpose. 

Q: Will my Pool or Spa have any odors after using your product?

A: NO, if used as directed, your Pool or Spa will have no odor. The steam emanating from you spa or hot tub is actually beneficial as it adds additional oxygen to the air you breathe. 

Q: Does your Pool and Spa Cleaner Liquid pose any danger?

A: NO, if fact just the opposite. H2O2 is beneficial to your skin, lungs and even to your pool and spa equipment. It is always important to follow the directions on the container for safe use.

Q: Can I eat my fruits and vegetables  right after cleaning them with your H2O2 Cleaning Liquid?

A:Yes, However, we recommend you rinse them or wipe them off before consumption.

Q:Do your products come in different strengths?

A: Yes, but only for specific uses. For instance, our Laundry Liquid has a higher percentage of H2O2 than does our Cleaning Liquid. Our Spa and Hot Tub Liquid has the greatest concentration of H2O2. Therefore we recommend you only use the products we produce for their intended use as specified on the container. 

Q: Can H2O2 be dangerous?

A: Yes, in high concentrations such as our Pool and Spa Cleaning Liquid, the product will discolor skin and if splashed into the eye can cause severe eye damage. (skin discoloration will return to its original color in 15 minutes and eyes must be flushed with water for 15 minutes) This is why there is a warning label on the the Spa and Hot Tub container to always use gloves and goggles when adding the liquid to the Pool or Spa. Once the product is poured into the water, the danger is mitigated and the Pool or Spa can immediately be used. 

Q: Do I need to use gloves when cleaning my bathroom and kitchen?

A:Yes, due to the fact you are touching bacteria laden surfaces, not because you are using our cleaning liquid, which is not harmful in anyway to your skin.

Q: Is your product safe to use around pets?

A:Yes, in fact we recommend using our Cleaning Liquid to clean crates, kennels, litter boxes, bird cages and bedding. 

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