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H2O2 Molecules | H2O2 Health Solutions

What is H2O2?


H2O2 is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide and is created by combining one Oxygen atom with one Water molecule. BUT, before we get to that, a bit of a primer on Oxygen: Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth and is colorless, odorless and tasteless. 90% of water, over half of the human body and approximately 20% of the air we breathe is oxygen. 


The typical reaction of oxygen when joined with other substances is oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction with many various results.  In the human body, it converts or burns sugar into energy. Oxygen helps to remove wastes from the human body. Oxidation can purify. .Oxidation is an exceptionally powerful defense against pollutants

The natural element of oxygen is 1 of 4 elements of life: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon.

Incredibly, H2O2 contains two of those elements. These four elements are the essentials of life and the most urgent. Without oxygen our bodies and our cells quickly die. In a medical emergency, the most common immediate medical response is to administer oxygen.

Having a sufficient supply of oxygen to our cells is absolutely critical. Oxygen starvation may be the greatest cause of degenerative diseases. The declining levels of oxygen in the air we breathe, which now contains increasing levels of pollutants, harmful micro organisms and toxins is what most contribute to  the seeming rapid increase in degenerative diseases.

Oxygen powers our bodies the way a combustion engine requires oxygen to run and power a vehicle; the more oxygen the more power. The simple process of supercharged engines and bodies. 

So, what is H2O2:

Water is H2O. That means it has two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. H2O2 has an extra oxygen atom attached to the water molecule. The extra oxygen atom is the working element of H2O2 (a pure oxygen atom)  it is the extra oxygen atom that is the miracle of H2O2 because that pure oxygen atom can be released. It is the oxygen atom that is the benefit. Its power cannot be understated in both preserving and protecting human life.


First, we need to understand what H2O2 is. It is a very simple, pure substance. Water is designated H2O, while hydrogen is designated at O. Specifically, this means H2O2 is water with an extra pure oxygen atom.


H2O2 is colorless, slightly heavier than water, and has a distinct taste. H2O2 is only a semi-stable substance, which is necessary to how H2O2 works.

Heat will cause H2O2 to release one of its two oxygen atoms. When H2O2 comes in contact with certain substances, certain minerals, certain  chemicals and with enzyme catalyst it breaks down the H2O2.  When H2O2 breaks down (called decomposition) releasing one of the two oxygen atoms, it becomes pure water and pure oxygen. This pure oxygen is very powerful as the decomposition also releases energy. This also is the reason H2O2 is so beneficial.  


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