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Underwater Dive

Pool and Spa

FREE of Bromine and Chlorine

Spa and Hot Tub Usage:    We recommend your Spa or Hot Tub be drained and refilled before beginning your H2O2 service.  To initially heavy  clean your Spa or Hot Tub, we recommend using one cup of our product per 250 gallons of water. Initially run the pump for enough time to circulate the water through the whole system. Let the water sit for 24 hours before resuming normal pumping activity.  Best time to perform heavy cleaning is after sunset as ultraviolet rays will slow the heavy cleaning process. You may use the Spa or Hot Tub once the pumps are turned back on.  To maintain the Spa or Hot Tub, we recommend using one cup of our Pool and Spa Cleaner  per 500 gallons of water and keeping the water between 50 and 100  PPM.  This can be accomplished by using our H2O2 Test Strips. H2O2 WILL NOT ADVERSELY INTERACT WITH OTHER SPA OR HOT TUB CHEMICALS AND WILL NOT FORM ANY DANGEROUS RESIDUAL CHEMICALS.

Pool Usage: It is not necessary to drain your Pool when using our Pool and Spa Cleaner as it will not react with chlorine or bromine products currently used in your pool and these products will dissipate over time.  If your current chemical ratios are correct and your pool is clear, it is not necessary to Heavy Clean your pool.  If Heavy Cleaning is required, we recommend using two gallons of our Pool and Spa Cleaner for every 10,000 gallons of water. If you are replacing your bromine or chlorine we recommend one gallon of our Pool and Spa Cleaner for every 10,000 gallons of water.  We recommend that your H2O2 levels in your pool be maintained between 30 and 70 ppm and this can be determined by using our H2O2 test strips available on our site.  H2O2 concentrations in the pool decrease over time due to interaction with  pollutants and its breakdown by UV light. Therefore you will need to add H2O2 periodically to maintain sufficient concentrations.  WARNING: H2O2 CANNOT BE USED WITH A DE FILTER SYSTEM AS IT DISSOLVES THE DE POWDER!   GOGGLES AND RUBBER GLOVES ARE REQUIRED WHEN USING OUR POOL AND SPA CLEANER! SEE ALL WARNINGS ON THE CONTAINER.

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