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Our Team

Thomas Patterson


Thomas has over 35 years in "C" level Corporate Management while also supporting the Sales and Marketing Team at The Phoenix Group which focuses on Green Energy Projects. Thomas'  experience working for and with Fortune 100 companies is invaluable to the growth and forward thinking of H2O2 Health Solutions. Spending the last 19 years in the Green Energy Sector, Thomas understands the importance of keeping our planet environmentally sound.

 Thomas Patterson | CEO | H2O2 Health Solutions
Robert Aldrich | President & Lead Chemist | H2O2 Health Solutions

Robert Aldrich

President / Lead Chemist

Robert is a graduate of Princeton University with a BSE and MSE in Chemical Engineering. Having "C" level positions with Standard Oil, Chase Manhattan Bank and Union Carbide, Robert not only brings technical experience to H2O2 Health Solutions but also brings strong fiduciary credentials.

Catherine McGoogan Davy

General Manager

Katie oversees the daily operations at H2O2 Health Solutions. Making certain that our products always remain pure, natural and healthful.

Catherine MaGoogan Davy
Jill Patterson | Founder & Owner  | H2O2 Health Solutions

Jill Patterson

Founder / Owner

Jill is a Graduate of the College of New Jersey holding a Masters Degree in Education. After teaching for 20 years, Jill began work for the Phoenix Group as a Corporate Trainer in their Green Energy Marketing Sector. Understanding the need for a better and more sound environment, Jill became a dedicated steward for the Health and Wellbeing of our Planet and our own Personal Health. In order to achieve this, She founded H2O2 Health Solutions for the sole purpose of benefiting both.

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