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H2O2 Handy Tips for Cleaning 


Use 3% H2O2 and combine baking soda with 3% H2O2 to create a paste. Apply to the stains and cake-on food and let sit for a few minutes. Return and scrub it away with warm water.


Use 8% H2O2 solution soak the stain and let sit for a few minutes and then add to the wash. (Check for color fastness on darker colors).


Remove Rust from Tools

Use 12% H2O2 undiluted in a bucket deep enough to submerge the rusted tool part. Let sit in the solution overnight. Remove tool and make a paste with 1 part 12% H202 and 1 part baking soda and gently rub the rust away. Tools will be back to their

shiny and rust-free condition. (Always wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear when using 12% H2O2).


Remove Odors from Front Loading and HE Washing Machines

Use 8% H2O2 undiluted add one cup to your wash cycle and let the machine go through the entire cycle. All odors will be gone as well as mold and mildew build up.


Stove Tops

Use 3% H2O2 and Baking Soda. Add 3% to the baking soda until you make a slurry. Apply the slurry to the surface, let sit for ten minutes and rub with a sponge or paper towel. All stains and food build up will be removed. Also works great in a warm oven to clean all oven surfaces safely and healthy with no toxic fumes.


Use 3% H2O2 undiluted in a spray bottle and spray directly on all surfaces of the cooler. Let sit for a minute or two and then wipe off with a damp sponge or cloth. This process will destroy buildup in the cooler and eliminate all odors.



Use 12% H2O2 in a spray bottle while wearing protective gloves and eyewear. The solution will remove grease and oil from the garage floor as well as stains and mildew on garage walls and surfaces. Great for cleaning lighting fixtures, garage doors and window glass.


Use 3% H2O2 undiluted in a spray bottle and spray all areas of the kitchen including cutting boards, counter tops, sinks and cooking utensils. Also great for detoxifying fruits and vegetables by spraying on the solution. Let sit for 30 seconds and rinse with clean water.


Clean Windows

12% H2O2 is great for brightening window and porch screens. Using a fine mist sprayer, lightly spray the screens, let sit for ten minutes and then spray with the garden hose. This works on both aluminum and fiberglass screens.


Remove Blood Stains

Use 8% H2O2 and pour undiluted on the blood stain and let sit for two minutes and then flush with fresh water or throw into the wash with the rest of the laundry. For old blood stains repeating the process may be necessary.


Unclog Drains

Using 8% H2O2 pour one cup undiluted directly down the drain and let sit overnight then use as normal.  Hair, grease and Oils that clog the drain will be gone. As H2O2 is heavier than water the solution will settle at the drain bottom to help in dissolving the clog. It may take two applications on drains that are slow in draining.


Clean Stains on China Under the Glazing

Use 12% H2O2 while wearing gloves and protective eyewear to remove stains that have accumulated under the glaze of china. Soak a sponge or paper towel with the 12% solution undiluted and place the sponge or paper towel on the stain overnight. (keep away from children and pets). In the morning remove the paper towel or sponge and the stain will be gone. For deep stains under the glaze, it may take two applications.


Use 8% H2O2 and make a mixture in the rug cleaning machine of 1 part 8% H2O2 and 1 Part fresh water and follow the instructions on your rug machine for a clean  carpet. Let dry overnight before use. Please test for colorfastness.


Aquarium Cleaning

Use 3% H2O2  in the aquarium without removing the inhabitants. Use 2 ounces of 3% H2O2 to 66 gallons of aquarium water. Apply with a dropper a few drops at a time over a period of five minutes.  


Painted Appliances

Follow the same instructions as “Stainless Steel Appliances”.



Use 3% H2O2 in a spray bottle and spray solution undiluted on all bathroom surfaces including toilets, sinks, shower curtains, floors and grout for a sparkling healthful cleaning. Let sit on surface for a minute and either rinse off or wipe off with a damp sponge or cloth.  


Use 8% H2O2 solution soak the stain and let sit for a few minutes and then add to the wash. (Check for color fastness on darker colors).


Remove Urine Odors

Use 8% H2O2 solution in a spray bottle and spray the urine until wet. With a dry paper towel dab the urine to absorb the liquid. Spray the area again with the 8% solution and let dry before use. (Use rubber glove and protective eyewear and keep children

and pets away from the area until totally dry).


Remove Labels and Glue

Use 3% H2O2 solution in a spray bottle and spray directly on the glue or label and let soak for ten minutes and then with a plastic spoon or fingernail gently rub the surface to remove the glue or label.


Dishwasher Additive

Add a cup of 3% H2O2 along with your dishwasher detergent for an amazingly clean and sparkling experience. Also use 3% undiluted in the rinse aid compartment for achieving spotless glassware.


Brighten Dingy Floors

Use 3% H2O2 and pour 1 part 3% to 1 part water into a bucket and mop sealed hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, stone and engineer flooring to remove built up dirt and oils for a clean floor. The process also works in steam mops, spray mops and power floor cleaners.


Lawn and Garden Equipment

Use 12% H2O2 in a spray bottle undiluted and spray entire

equipment, let sit for ten minutes and then rinse off with the hose.  .


Stainless Steel Appliances

Use 3% H2O2 solution undiluted in a spray bottle. Spray a lightcoating on the stainless-steel appliance and let sit for 30 seconds then wipe with a soft lint free cloth. Repeat the application if there are heavy fingerprints on the surface. The solution will remove all fingerprints, dirt and grime as well as cleaning the surfaces. You can also safely use the solution inside the refrigerator for complete cleaning.

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