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 Aircraft Cabin Cleaner & Natural Air Purification

In partnering with the Phoenix Aeronautical Group which has over 35 years in the aviation industry we can understand all of the inherent dangers that lurk in the aircraft cabin environment. As a sealed environment from the minute the cabin doors are closed and until they are reopened, everyone in the cabin is breathing the same air.. On  top of this, the cleaners and chemicals used in their effort to mitigate some of the bacteria and microorganisms, is also carcinogenic.  In those environments we choose to be in, there is simply not a harsher or more compromising environment than the aircraft cabin.
H2O2 Health Solutions have formulated two different multi-purpose solutions strictly for aviation use and the aviation industry that are not only carcinogen and toxin free but are the most effective in combating pollutants in the cabin air.  Our products, which are highly effective in stain removal on surfaces are also just as effective in purifying  the cabin air.

Airplane Staircase | Aircraft Cabin Cleaner
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