3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Liquid

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Liquid

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From Kitchens to Bathrooms, our Multi-Purpose Cleaning Liquid will do it all. This 3% Solution can be used for countertops, toilets, tubs, and even in your dishwasher. Wash and Clean pet toys, crates, kennels, and litter boxes, and clean the kids' lunch boxes and water bottles. Wipe down refrigerators and garbage pails, stoves, and sinks.  The uses are ENDLESS!  Ingredients: Certified Chemical Free 3% H2O2 and Spring Water. Ships within Five Days of order Placement.


    Our H2O2 Products are safe and carcinogenic-free. They can be used to clean and preserve fruits and vegetables.  Our products will also clean cutting boards, countertops, cooking utensils as well as anything that touches food products, safely, and without chemicals.  In the Bathroom, our cleaners are used to clean all surfaces including toilets, countertops, showers, tubs, and even your grooming equipment.